“There are two basic motivating forces fear and love when we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. “
John Lennon

Fear is nothing but the limitations you put to your life due to lack of courage to face them.

Fear can occur due to various reasons like bad childhood memories, lack of confidence in your abilities which leads to insecurity about future events which stop us from living your life to fullest.

Life is like rivers which should flow and grow eventually and if our fear blocks the progress of our life it will eventually change the flow of our lives and distract us from achieving prime objective of life.

But the best thing about fear which blocks the flow of our life can be used constructively just like a dam which will not only helps us to overcome fears but also helps us to improve our self-confidence and self-esteem thus destroying insecurities about future events.

These are these six steps for you which will eventually help you to constructively convert your fears into opportunities:

1.Analyze the origin of your fear:

Searching and analyzing the origin of your fear is important as it will provide you with a psychological strength and certainty that there is fact behind your behavior.


  • Ask yourself question regarding when does this fear start?
  •  Then validate the existence of fear by asking a question like Does this fear actually make any sense?

2.Analyze the consequences of fear:

Fear is just an opportunity in disguise.

You must first and foremost identify the potential losses that will come to the surface if you continue to hold onto this fear, while on other hand acknowledging the potential gains that you are likely to achieve if you successfully overcome this fear.

3.Gain Knowledge:

Reading biographies, books, blogs and watching an inspirational movie of the people who overcome their fear successfully will provide you with confidence and self-assurance that you can overcome your fear and achieve greatness.

4.Shape your imagination:

It is rightly said well said that “thoughts become things” and our imagination is the very muscle that helps to make it possible. If you stay immersed in your fear, you would become more depressed.

But when you venture into your imagination by simply imagining of overcoming your fear and successfully achieving your goals again and again within your imagination, the energy is set in motion which helps to overcome our fear achieve greatly in real life situation.

5.Believe in yourself:

“Belief creates actual facts”

Instead of focusing on fear you must constantly keep your eye on the positive outcome as clear as daylight within the recess of your mind.

As fear is nothing more than uncertainty we feel about our outcome, circumstances, and unpredictability about future events.

6.Take Action:

All the above-discussed method would be unworthy unless you practice them and face your fear head-on.

Take small but consistent steps daily to overcome your fears and develop confidence in your abilities which will destroy your insecurities and help to enjoy your life and live fullest.

“Nothing in life is to be feared it is to be understood.”
Marie Curie

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