Life is nothing but time. Time Management is nothing but managing your life. All people around the world have the same amount of time,  but how you utilize your time is what makes you different and helps you to succeed in life. If you’re the one who’s always running out of time then,

Here are Twelve Time Management Tips And Skills To Increase Productivity  Balanced Work And Personal Life:

1.Set Your Goals:

Set clear defined goals, break down your tasks into steps and complete one step at a time. Breaking tasks helps you to achieve goals faster and stress-free.

2.Prioritize Task:

Efficiency and effectiveness are not same. Someone who is well organized but spends a lot of time on inconsequential tasks may be efficient but not effective. To be effective, you need to decide which task is urgent and important and focus on them. Hence prioritizing task is most important part of time management.

3.Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of action planning. It could be a major problem in both your career and personal life, better to avoid it. The best time to do something is always now. “Taking action generates the impetus for further action”.

4.Stop Overthinking:

Although thinking is important but overthinking on anything creates unnecessary problems which otherwise do not occur in real life and this wastes our valuable time. Instead of just wasting time overthinking, one must focus on daily goals and achieve them.

5.Make Use Of Time Log:

Time log must be an important part of your day if you want to achieve daily goals. Write down everything you do in week or day to identify areas of your life or day, where you waste time and the time when you are most productive. Always Schedule important tasks during the time you are most productive. eg: Emails must be checked at a specific allotted time instead of checking it immediately when received.

6.Always Setup Deadlines For Task:

Setting up deadlines not only helps you to complete the task in stipulated time but also helps to increase your overall productivity. Challenge yourself and try to meet the deadlines always and reward yourself when achieved.

7.Focus on one task at a time:

Most of us feel that multitasking is an efficient way of getting things done, but truth is that you do better when you focus and concentrate on one thing and also double your productivity.

8.Start Early:

When you start your day early morning, it gives you time to sit, think and plan your day. Starting any task with a few minutes of quiet reflection time can save you from experiencing confusion and disorders. It also helps to make a to-do list of important tasks of the day.

9.Prepare in Advance:

Prepare and plan your next day tasks at night. This not only helps in getting ready in advance but also helps you to reduce your stress and make you confident.

 10.Established Routine:

Try to do tasks at the same time and the same location each day. This will help you to be more productive most of the time.

11.Be Organized:

Lack of organization causes endless inefficiencies in your day to day tasks, which needlessly deplete your energy and wastes a part of your valuable time. Organizing also helps you to be more confident as all things are placed in the right place which can be found easily when a need arises.

12.Learn To Say No:

Saying “No” is important, it may be to your friends or colleagues.  Always take a look at your time log before accepting extra work or accepting any party offer from a friend.

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